Apple Juice Smoothie Blender – For a Smooth & Fresh Taste

The Smoothie Blender is not just another blender. With its smooth top, it can do wonders to your every day smoothie.

Just ask anyone who has been drinking apple juice, and you will be amazed at the amount of calories that are consumed in just one glass. This juice is packed with high amounts of sugar and other sugary substances. Add some honey and fruit punch and you have yourself a good meal. But think about the smoothie that is really taking place below the skin.

If you watch the smoothie blender closely, you will notice that it has a bottom surface area that is made up of a stainless steel filter with two layers of pulp. You might be able to imagine the mechanical action of the blender as it picks up the healthy pulp from the apple and pushes it through the filter. After this the juice is taken from the whole apple.

The health benefits of the apple juice that the blender is making happen is immense. If you think about it, we consume lots of these fruits and vegetables every day. And yet not everyone seems to get all the nutrients and minerals that they need.

In fact, many of us eat the same apple over again. The blender is taking care of this problem. If you try this, you will realize that you can benefit from everything that has been hidden inside the apple.

The apple also contains citric acid that is similar to lemon juice. So, if you drink more than one glass of apple juice, then you will surely lose the acidity of the fruit. If you drink water with lemon, you will still have a good amount of citric acid.

While you drink the apple juice, you will also gain the beneficial antioxidants that are also found in the apple. Citrus fruits are naturally rich in these.

If you want to have a fresh smoothie, you must add some fresh fruit. For example, with strawberries, add fresh berries or nectarines. Use it as part of your overall healthy diet.

If you do not like fresh fruit, you can replace some of the fresh fruit with frozen. However, frozen smoothies are not as healthy as fresh smoothies.

Once you try this Smoothie Blender, you will agree that it is the best invention since sliced bread. These machines are the latest in the food and beverage business. They are actually the ones that you are not likely to buy anywhere else.

It can make all kinds of healthy smoothies. You do not need to use fruit puree anymore. All you need is the smoothness of the smoothie blender to achieve the results you are looking for.